Now you can communicate with your love ones without any Mobile Sim and Internet.


AUSTIN TAXES: One new app was been surprised to smart phone users and by the fire chat messages can be send and delivered, but its’ important thing is this that for the messaging no Wifi network and cell phone is required, Fire chat is made its network itself by Wireless and Bluetooth, and it is known as communication app.

Commonly in contract with mobile phones text and messaging mobile network at least Wifi and hot spot are needed, mobile phone message first goes to nearer tower and then is reached to another one, while procedure of Wifi network is also very long but fire chat is not at all needed any tower and also not Wifi tower is required, at last how is it worked, so it answer is that it make its network by itself.

Fire chat is used network system which is present in phones, it is worked out of sight one phone to another phone, and make its network itself, but for using it is necessary that first phone is hence 100 feet distance, in like manner it is easily made network in crowd, stadium and offices, where people are present closed to one another, but bat is it in contract with all phones fire chat app is being run, in our phones Bluetooth and Wifi facility is present, this wireless system is worked in fire chat which is worked in android and I phone and prepare a network of phones.

Recent year in Hong Kong 500,000 protesters used fire chat communicate with one another because government was closed wireless and bluetooth, fire chat can be support you in every critical situation, this service might be used there by a group, where signals are not at all present, in like manner earthquake, flood and others disasters relay works can be done, where communication networks were destroyed.