Now Donkeys will have identity cards


CAIRO: Now Donkeys will have identity cards. To stop rising sales of donkey’s meat in Egypt and to tighten the noose, for those who involves in this ugly business, decision of making donkey’s identification cards has been taken. In the recent past, after surfaced news of selling donkey meat in various parts of Egypt, thrill was spread in public sectors. Government of Egypt has started a campaign, for the awareness of this illegal and awful business, in this campaign awareness served to public sector by electronic business and also ran sketches.

Police is not just raiding everywhere and arresting butchers and shopkeepers rather donkeys are being counted and their identification cards are being issued too. In such a way, in case donkey of anybody is vanish, so police will be able to investigate that has it been killed and brought to the butcher shop?, be clear and remember that never make fun of donkeys next time, because they will have their own self respect, LOL, the news is really awesome that donkeys will have identification cards now.