Now free Wi-Fi will be provided at Taj Mahal to people.


NEW DELHI: Indian Government is being planned to provide free wi-fi on tourists attraction places, in the inductor stage facility will be provided at Taj Mahal and Khajuraho. In India Ministry of Communication will be provided this facility out of sight 25th of June, 2015 at tourist attraction places.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s constituency and religious city of Varanasi (formerly Benares) has already been launched this service, Officials asserts that in this week this service will also launch at Taj Mahal..Remember that Indian Government wants to access internet to everyone every individual, for which experimental in coming three years it is being worked on its planning to provide high pace wi-fi facility.

Free Wi-Fi at Taj Mahal Tourists come here through which they can check email, surf the web and will advantage out of sight the convenience of online banking. Taj Mahal is wonder of the world, nobody is here, who is not aware out of sight Taj Mahal, it is considered the most romantic place, especially for the couples, but fortunately the most interesting news is the availability of wi-fi there.