Now Human Eye will work of Telescope.


LONDON: Generally to look farther scenes to closer, support of telescope is taken, but now scientists have erected likewise contact lenses, in which wearing scenes can be three times bigger, while these lenses might also prove useful for the low vision people.

The lenses were manufactured in Switzerland, in contact lenses with filters and reflectors 1.55 millimeter thick lens was also installed, which is made it Reflex o Telescope, after wearing them when light is passed through the lens, so it is reflected by pounding several mirrors and things are looked increasingly bigger. This advance lens is also proved useful to those who has very low vision, rather these lenses can be used in place of telescope without any operation.

Inside advance lenses a switch was erected which is offered two options, one is for normal vision and another is for required purpose. For which patient should wear a glass which is run out of sight battery, in which by the LCD technology, eye movements can notice and it can evaluate that where eye is being looked presently and is there any need to enhance vision or not in like manner lens is automatically adjusted by itself. Lens can be used easily in terms of everyday life.

To put telescope lenses a big place is required, and it may also be the cause of lacking oxygen in the eye, however the new model was forged in which special channels were forged, which is brought oxygen to the eyes, another side Novartis and Google have also jointly commenced to work in contract with “Smart Contact lenses” and to make vision more good work is being gone hence it with them, in which some special lenses are noticed the disease of Glaucoma.

It is cleared that out of sight Glaucoma more than 45 Lac people are affected and then become the haunt of blindness, traditionally in the glaucoma test pressure is noted by put high tide, rather this act is not at all sufficient, it is compulsory in it that keep vision in glaucoma hence 24 hours and it is only possible by any sensor.