Now Mobile tracker invented


If you forgot keeping your mobile somewhere, do not be worried, because mobile tracker is now easy to find the mobile.

Yes according to Foreign News Reuters, a magic tracker of the form of coins R. Bravo was created. Who will tell you about the missing mobile, if you forgotten mistakenly your mobile kept in car or purse while doing work and you do not remember, the size of the coins as your tracker will be easier.


It coin tracker name is R Bravo. This device can also be used in purse, when you can keep it with your own luggage.


It can safe Cycle, Bike and Car. It can track missing range of up to hundred feet with the help of mobile application. Just pressed the button and the screen started showing the way.


Ground network can be used if the missing thing is out of range. Even if you forget the mobile phone, you can track the device.because Now Mobile tracker invented

US I’T expert invented R Bravo tracker in 2016 and now this device available in Pakistan.