Now TV has been developed that will run by human thinking.


In case anybody is intensive lazy that they do not want to bring TV’s remote in hands so for those new advance invention is served by which with the help of thinking TV channels are changed. British media have headsets so that mental strength can change the channel. Wearing headset thinking through channel gives access to the player.

For those who see it in your mind is to focus on one channel and the channel is selected automatically. Set Conneaut are engaged in mental activity sensor and channel 10 second to see its name in the mind to think and TV channel automatically opens. As soon as someone wearing a head set or the number of channel thinks about so system is noted the changes which are raised in mind.

which is in the form of electrical signals and the TV channel is changed. It was voiced b the engineer who invented it that it is in initial steps and need to work more. British media said the 10 employees tested the headset waves thinking they began to see the show of your choice.

It was further said by Headset inventor that very soon you find that the remote channel to a channel in your mind will think that will appear in contract with screen. The person sitting in the car with the help of headphones set a radio channel would think they would start channel.