Obama and Hillary emails will not unveil


WASHINGTON: Obama and Hillary emails will not unveil. It is said by the White House Officials that despite court orders US (United States) President Barack Obama and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the exchange of e-mails (Electronic Mails) will be brought to the fore.

According to the American Broadcast Agency it is said by a Top Officials of White House that the electoral campaign for the Presidential candidate is being gone in all over the America and releasing of emails in the same time would be a violation of their traditions.

According to the President during the Presidential Records are kept confidential. According to Officials White House early also defendant this rule and always will defend it because In his tenure as the president can get useful advice and tips and This principle is central to the autonomy of the executive branch.

It is further added by the White House Officials that White House wants to keep the exchanging of emails confidential between the President of USA (United States of America) and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton till the Present President does not leave his job.

Former US (United States) Secretary of State in contract behalf of a private e-mail account used on public and private level hereinafter news surfaced Republican officials had been subjected to severe criticism while The Department of Justice had issued orders to release the e-mails of Hillary Clinton.

US (United States)’s Department released their 55 thousand e-mails on monthly basis that were being sent and received by Hillary Clinton however few emails were not released which were declared immense sensitive.

It is cleared that in 2016 Hillary Clinton is the leading candidate of Presidential Electoral. She was used her private account to e-mail both purposes that were official and personal.

Another side it is said by Hillary Clinton in her defense that inside of it she had facility that’s why she used her account for both official and personal purposes.