One Plus 5 the Perfect Smart Phone of 2017



Once again One Plus is out with a new smartphone in most of the parts of World and this is none other than one plus 5. It is a masterpiece and has the best components assembled in it. It has a perfect processor to give it an awesome speed which is definitely going to give it an extra edge over others. Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor is stupendous.

Storage and RAM: If you are thinking about storage then there are two variants available one is 64 GB and another one is 128 GB. While RAM provided in one plus 5 is commendable. You will get either 6 GB or 8 GB. 6 GB and 8 GB RAM is phenomenal in such less cost. Now you can play any game without any lag. Isn’t it great?

Battery and Camera: If you are thinking to buy a smartphone then it is very important to look for battery configurations. In One plus 5, you will get a battery of about 3300 mAh which will allow your battery to stand till 1 day. In camera, One Plus family has really innovated something new. You will get two cameras and both are rear. One is 16 MP and another one is 20 MP which is the telephoto camera. So, you can click pictures with the best resolution with one plus 5. Now how can we forget about selfie camera? Selfie camera is of 16 MP so that you can click best selfies of yours.

Price: If you are thinking that it will be priced very high then you are in misconception. One Plus 5 comes at a very reasonable price of 479$ which will have 64 GB as internal storage and 6 GB RAM. While if you want more RAM and storage than the price gets hiked to 539$. In this expensive version, 128 GB of internal storage and 8 GB of RAM is provided. The price of One plus 5 is less than other competitors which are providing the same configuration. Isn’t it really great? Yes, it is.

Design: The design is very similar to iPhone 7 plus. It has 5.5 inches, 1080p display which is quite decent for the price it has been launched. It has bezels same like iPhone along with home button and headphones. Though the fingerprint reader is oval shaped which varies from Apple. In the left side of the phone, you will get “Alert Slider” in which you can select amongst three modes. One is “ring”, another one is “Do not disturb” and the last one is “Silent”.

Miscellaneous: Not only the above features but there are many more features which make one plus 5 a perfect smartphone. It has 2 reading mode, one is “night reading mode” which provides you comfortable reading experience at night and another one is added to improve reading experience in a day. It will turn the screen into grayscale when the light intensity is low. Also, there is one “Gaming Do Not Disturb” mode in which you can play your games without any disturbance. It has Android 7.1.1 so it will additionally give you some more customization features which will definitely be out of the box.

In most of the countries, mobile covers are out for one plus 5 also and the mobile covers in Pakistan are really mind boggling. Along with this One plus 5  is also astonishing. It has fascinated me to look for more features of the smartphone and let’s now discuss the features of the phone which is definitely going to persuade you to buy one plus 5 as soon as you can.

After reading some scintillating features of one plus 5 I have really gone crazy about this phone want to buy ASAP. I hope the same euphoria has arisen in you too. Buy one plus 5 and OnePlus 5 cases Pakistan. You can then enjoy the best smartphone of 2017. All the best!!