Opting Out Right Tiles for Your Backsplash


How do you feel when you accidentally douse oil over you clean painted walls of your kitchen? And you find it unable to remove stubborn stains of the red curry you made, and your kitchen gives a dirty and unclean look, even though you’ve made huge efforts to clean the wall. A backsplash tile is a commendable solution to this problem. Though many people are aware of these tiles and have had their kitchen’s and bathroom’s backsplash tiled, many of them still fail to buy the perfect one. Backsplash tiles have become popular nowadays, as they come up with many exclusive outlooks, that completely change the view of your kitchen, making it looks beautiful, immaculate, and different, along with its benefit of protecting the walls from oil, grease, and color, as these tiles are slippery and hence easy to clean. 


As there are many varieties, colors, and designs of backsplash tiles, there needs a customer to know the right choice for a vertical surface of their kitchen and bathrooms. So for updating your kitchen, you need to look for different types of backsplash tiles and choose the right tiles for your backsplash.

Some of the types of backsplash tiles are given below:

1. Peel-and-Stick Tiles

They’re mainly made up of vinyl. Easy to install and remove, these tiles work best for people who live in rental houses. These types of tiles are easily applied to the wall by simply peeling off the thin backing protective layer. They come-up in different styles and colors. Some of these types of backsplash tiles are also composed of stone PVC composite tiles. They are quick to install and easier as well.

2. Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are elegant and can give a refreshing look to your kitchen. They possess great strength and reliability. Along with that, their installation requires skilled professionals and much of the advanced tools for cutting and shaping, that’s why they’re costly too.

3. Wood Tiles

Wood tiles give a kitchen a classy look. But they’re vulnerable to molds and can be affected by water too. So, durability is questionable!

4. Glass Tiles

These tiles are simply charming and appealing. They make up a good and modern look of your kitchen. Glass has a unique appearance, as it reflects light and the glass tiles in the kitchen shine, giving it appear like tiny multiple gems, that gives it a different and elegant look. A specialized mortar is used for glass as grouting, or sometimes unsanded grout is also used.

5. Stainless Steel Tiles

Along with being glossy, they give your kitchen a modern look. Stainless steel tiles look lovely in the kitchen settings, with a slight draw-back; as watery, greasy drops from the cooking stuff or even fingerprints can be greatly visible, as a result, they require cleaning on frequent bases.

6. Porcelain Tile

People often mistake porcelain with ceramic, whereas both are simply different. In fact, they have completely different manufacturing. Porcelain material is composed by compressing porcelain dust. This form of the tiling is well built and strong as compared to ceramic, as it is very tough and dense. In its features, one includes its manufacturing with a glazed, matted, highly polished and shiny finish. It is way too important to choose a glazed tileset if its meant to buy for a backsplash. Because frequent use of greasy stuff in the kitchen can make the wall look spotty and untidy – glazed tiles work best in such scenarios and help remove the dirt and grease easily from its slippery surface.

Besides these tiles, there are also Shell tiles and tin tiles – that also accounts for their specific quality characters. Apart from that, you can choose different shapes of tiles, for instance: hexagonal, or patterns like Herringbone. In patterns include many designs and the way of installment plays a great role too. It is always worthy of installing patterned tiles. Patterns can be customized in many ways, so there is a huge variety out there that appear to look like wallpaper in your backsplash. To cut a long story short, backsplash tiles should be chosen wisely; considering the material, color, design, and cost. Happy Tiling!