Out of sight fear of dishonor i always keep away from social media.


MUMBAI: The secret has been uncovered that why Bollywood Barbie Doll Katrina Kaif do not use social media.

It was said by her that she does not use social media out of sight fear of her dishonor. She was told it to an Indian News Agency during a interview.

It was further said by Katrina Kaif that she wants to share photos and videos together with her fans social media but she has already familiar from other face of social media on which she could not believe before some time.

On that occasion she gave example of Abhishek Bachan and said that a fan of Abhishek Bachan made fun of her daughter in contract with tweeter so Abhishek Bachan had to block him on tweeter.

It was said by Katrina Kaif that she cannot at all tolerate insult that’s why she likes to be away from social media.