Pakistan and India have to work together for peace.


WASHINGTON: American once again forced to India and Pakistan that both countries do efforts to defuse tension between both countries.

It was said by the US States department John Kirby during the briefing that we want to look defusing of tension and conflict between both of countries and these are such problems on which Pakistan and India have to do collective efforts.

On that occasion a Indian Journalist claimed in a question that in a recent speech in Washington that Pakistan’s Special Advisor on Foreign Affairs Tariq Fatemi to alleviate conflicts between the two countries have asked the United States to intervene.

It was said by American Spokesperson in connecting with the answer of Indian Journalist that nothing more can say regarding it which has been told before it.

India and Pakistan to resolve conflicts has been opposing the intervention of a third force. For which America except Instead of the intervention between both countries is to remind that the peace and stability in the region and for the development of both countries need to work together.

The US Heritage Foundation said while addressing Tariq Fatemi that India that Pakistan wants to resolve the conflict through negotiations and hopes that India dialogue on all issues including Jammu and Kashmir will respond positively to the proposal.

The prime ministers India and Pakistan in Russia peace and stability of the meeting was an important breakthrough.