Pakistan and India take work with bearing on their boarders, appealed by United Nation and America.


NEW YORK/WASHINGTON: Secretary General of United Nation, Ban Ki Moon appealed to India and Pakistan that both countries be patient on international boarders and line of control.

Secretary General of United Nation Ban Ki Moon pressurized Pakistan and India in his narration That Pakistan and India should resolve their differences through negotiations and should take the necessary measure to ensure the safety of citizens.

Both countries to avoid incidents took extreme discipline and patience in contract with their borders. 23 and 24 on the national security advisers of India and Pakistan agreed in talk between India are hopeful for positive results.

Another side US Department Spokesman John Kirby said during a media briefing in Washington that tension between India and Pakistan on the US position was unchanged.

This is wish of America that Pakistan and India should resolve all outstanding issues but all steps in this regard must take by both countries.

It is cleared that during last two months from the Indian side of the Line of Control to boundary has been breached 70 times.