Pakistan defeated Korea in Junior Hockey Asia Cup


LAHORE: Pakistan defeated Korea in Junior Hockey Asia Cup. In the Junior Asia Cup Pakistan has defeated powerful rival Korea out of sight 0-3 and continuously got second position.

According to the description on the second day Junior Asia Cup Hockey Tournament 4 matches’ decision was taken. Including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan and India teams have been succeeded to defeat rival sides.

In the Kuantan the first match was played between Pakistan and strong rival Korea in which Green Shirts out Korea in all fields and gotten the match by 0 – 3 to its name.

The Pakistani Vice-Captain Dilber Hussain is the Hero of the match who did 2 goals and brought victory to the team. It is remembered that it is the second continuous victory of Pakistan in the event.

Earlier it Green Shirts were achieved success by 3 goals in comparison of 1 against Bangladesh. In the beginning of match Pakistani Team was seen intensively aggressive and started incessant attacks against the Korean team due to which in the 8th minute Pakistani team succeeded to take penalty corner.

Dilber Hussain without making any mistake showed the path of net to the ball. Korea strived outmost to tie the match hereinafter losing but the defendants of Pakistani players made useless all the attacks of rival team. In contract with ending of first half the score was 0 – 1.

In the second half Pakistan played immense skillfully and aggressively and further did 2 goals and won the match. In the 42nd minute Pakistani team made a good move and succeeded to bring ball in the “D” of rival team.

There before existed Dilber Hussain beautifully deceived Goal-Keeper thrown the ball into the net and doubled the lead of Pakistani team. In the 49th minute Abu Bakar did the goal on the penalty corner and scored 0 – 3.

In the last 21st minutes both teams hereinafter adequate efforts could not do any further goal. In the second match Bangladesh after the tuff competition defeated Oman by 4 – 5. On the ending of first half winner team was leading by 4 goals in comparison of 2.

Towards Bangladesh Ashraful Islam thrown the ball into the net twice while Roman Sarkar, Arshad Hossain and Muhammad Deen Emon did single, single goals while towards Oman Mohamed Al Lawati did 2 goals rather Khalid Al Batashi and Ammar Al Shaaibi did single, single goals.

The third match was also intensively interesting in this match Japan defeated China by 2 goals in comparison of 1. In the first half Japan had lead of 0 – 1.

In the forth match defending champion Malaysia team has been lost versus India by 5 goals in comparison of 4. In the first half guest side had lead against Blue Shirts 1 – 2 however in the second half India controlled on their mistakes and won the match.

On the Monday further 4 matches of the event are going to be held. Pakistan will be played against slightly weak rival Oman, the team of Korea will be landed on ground with Bangladesh, India will be played against China, Japan team will be shown in action against guest team Malaysia.

The Pakistan Junior team coach Tahir Zaman declared the continuous second victory to the players’ collective efforts.

It was stated by him when he was talking to “Express News” in Kuantan, City of Malaysia that in our group the most strongest team was the team of Korea.

To arrive on the first position in our group this victory was extremely needed. Thankful to ALMIGHTY ALLAH that we have been successful in our objective and in the one sided competition defeated the Korea.

It was further added by Tahir Zaman that out of sight the precious success against the most successful and strong team Korea increased the confident of our team and we are determined to win in the coming competitions too.

It was said by the Chief Coach in the reply of a question that in the modern hockey nay any team can declare weak. With full of preparation we will be landed on the ground against Oman on Monday. We will try to do hat-trick by continuously series of winning.

Junior Asia Cup 2015
Pool A: India, Malaysia, Japan, China
Pool B: Korea, Pakistan, Oman, Bangladesh