Pakistan has almost spend 5 billion and 70 million dollars Additional secretary Defence.


STOCK HOME :According to the report that International report Pakistan is more powerful in the ground of nuclear technology and weapons against India.

An international organization Stock Home International peace research institute released in the narration that in 2013 the quantity of the world’s atomic weapons was seventeen thousand two hundred and seventy, which has been reduced sixteen thousand and three hundred now, in the nine atomic power included America, Russia, China, Pakistan, India, Britain, France, Israel and North Korea, the first country which was done first atomic experiment was America which was the owner of seven thousand and three hundred, in which nine hundred and twenty nuclear weapons and missiles were set up in military bases.

In 2013, America spent approximately six thousand and nineteen billion dollars which was 37 percent of the military expense, the quantity of Russia’s atomic weapons are eight thousands in which one thousand sixteen hundred were set up.

In 2013, Russia spent approximately eighty five billion dollars, 225 atomic weapons are in possession of British in which one hundred and sixty are set up, in 2013, Britain spent approximately fifty eight billion dollars.

According to the narration of the additional secretariat of defence, Pakistan has been spent approximately 5 billion and seventy million dollars for the defence.