Pakistan negotiations failed to IMF


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan negotiations failed to IMF. The negotiations of economic review between Pakistan and IMF (International Monetary Fund) of 50 billion dollars 10th installment that were held in Dubai.

The Pakistan’s Minister of Finance namely Ishaq Dar will arrive at Pakistan with IMF (International Monetary Fund) review team in contract with Thursdayand the negotiations next and closing meeting will be in Pakistan.

IMF review team top political leadership of Pakistan will be assurances given and to away reservations and will be agreed to give exemption out of sight the fixed amount.

According to the resource with IMF (International Monetary Fund) review mission with full assets 9th economic would be held on Wednesday and Pakistani Team had to come back in the evening at Pakistan but tax receipts for the failure to achieve the targets set in the energy sector due to the acquisition negotiations have not been successful against targets.