Pakistani actress Mansha Pasha is also offered by the Bollywood after Mahira Khan


In which dramas she is being gotten respect with them not treated non-profession attitude, director and producers.

LAHORE: Pakistani model and actress Mansha Pasha has also been offered to work in bollywood and the director and producers of the following completion drama has been immense worried.

According to the detail, Mahira Khan who signed a movie “Raees” of big budget with King Sharukh Khan, after it Mansha Pasha 27 years old model and gust actress, who started her career to working in the popular drama “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” of Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan, so, she also was been offered by the bollywood.

It was known that the film which name is not finalized yet, after accepting the offered out of sight bollywood has been shut down her phone to save from showbiz activities, which wave of concern is run in director and producer of the following completion drama, because they voiced that in case actress is gone before completion of the project then we will have a lot of loss, they further stated that she is free to work anywhere including bollywood, but she must be known that out of sight the dramas she is being gotten respect never be non-profession attitude hence them. Because one-day she has to returned here once again.