Pakistani Qawal Amjad Sabri has filed a case against Salman Khan.


KARACHI: Pakistani Famous Qawal Amjad Sabri has filed a case against Bollywood Actor Dabaang Salman Khan for recording of Qawali in Bollywood movie “Bajraangi Bhai Jaan” without taking any kind of permission.

It was said by Amjab Sabri when he was talking to Express News that my father recorded this speech of Parnam Allahbadi and he gave rights of it to my father.

This speech was been famous in all around the world and all are known it very well who are being lived in Pakistan and India but the brazen adjustment was included in the film without permission.

I regret it and the mental anguish suffered. It was said by Amjad Sabri that when it was asked by the Indian Legal Advisor then he said innocently that give prove to it that this speech is of his father.

It was further informed by Amjad Sabri that he also filed a case in court against Indian film Music Director Pritam, Director and Producer and i have also given application for visa to go in India and fight a case when i will receive visa then i will go to India and give all the evidences in the court.

I hope that victory will be of truth and i will succeed and return to Pakistan.