Paris attack is attack on our freedom and civil society


WASHINGTON: Paris attack is attack on our freedom and civil society. It was said by the USA (United States of America) President Barack Obama while this incident has broken our hearts and on which our heart was pained suck like 9/11.

In Washington, a joint press conference with French counterpart Francois Hollande it was further added by the President of USA (United States of America)‘s Barack Obama that Daesh can not at all tolerate in any condition because Daesh has enhanced serious risks for us.

In this war terrorists can not defeat us in battlefield. It was more added by him that America had to mourn on those who have lost their precious lives in several places but we never give up.

The world’s 65 countries are united to destroy Daesh and we will finish Daesh together with France. Barack Obama expresses woe in contract with the Paris attack and said that I salute to the Paris citizens who faced terrorism rather the attack on Paris is the attack on our civil society and freedom and we are mourn like we were mourned on 9/11.

It was stated by him that we are ready for the corporation to Paris incident while USA (United States of America) will do all kind of efforts for the freedom of France.

It was further said by the President of USA (United States of America) that we have to enhance collective cooperation against Daesh and in this regards I have not only talked to Francis President for enhancing operations against Daesh while America and France will cooperate for airstrikes on Daesh.

On this occasion it was said by the France President Francois Hollande that we will never give permission to anyone for changing our world while we are facing a such like terrorist group which is being smuggled oil and drugs so we have to make strong our security but we will not put down arms.

We will not just combated to terrorists while we will catch leaders of terrorists and also those who are being financially supported to them.

It was further added by the Francis President that we have to separate the identifications of refugees and terrorists and to stop terrorism we have block borders of Syria and Turkey.

It was at last added by him that in the conference which is going to be held in next month Leaders all over the world will participant in which I will also meet Russian President for the operations against Daesh.