Patients of High Blood Pressure by eating Folic Acid and can save out of sight Paralysis.


BEIJING: Pregnant women are used folic acid to save their baby in their bellies hence also to save birth defects, but now it is declared by the Chinese scientists that folic acid is saved those people, who are comprehended in high blood pressure and have been intruded in heart disease and paralysis. Folic acid is a form of a water-soluble B vitamin, it is also known as vitamin M, vitamin Bc vitamin B9.

In the Beijing, China, University First Hospital, A Dr. Yong was studied approximately 20,000 patients, who were not intrude in any kind of heart disease, Patience are given a pill of folic acid and high blood pressure’s popular pill Ana Ripler, which brand name is Rx list, and some patient were given only Ana Ripler, after 4 and half years duration 2.5 percent people, who were being taken Ana Ripler had first paralysis attack, rather who were not being taken folic acid 3.4 percent were haunted of paralysis and in like manner 2.1 people who were being eaten folic acid had not attacked of stroke.

Stroke and paralysis are held by the stripping of blood in brain’s veins; out of sight research, it was also known that folic acid is also saved hence heart attacks. High blood pressure patients should eat folic acid and then in future, they can save out of sight heart diseases and paralysis, Paralysis was not only considered a common disease, rather it is disease which is totally imposed the patient by several activities, however the patient of it has no control hence him body or affected par of body himself, but fortunately the research has been proved importance of folic acid beyond us, the most valuable knowledge has been transferred in all direction by this research, except the primary knowledge about this folic acid.