Pink English speaker “Meera” has now became Poet.


The couple of Imran Khan and Reham Khan is very nice, prays and wishes are always with them.

Lahore: Lollywood’s popular actress Meera after the fluent using English has commenced poetry and taken decision to test her destiny in the world. Let’s see how much I became successful.

In Lahore during the conversation out of sight the media it was stated by the gorgeous Meera that the voice came out inside me that the events were occurred must be change in to poetry.

It was further voiced by the actress Meera that she wrote few words in the praising of Sangeeta G.

سنگینا آپ ہیں ایک پھول
آپ کی خوشبو کونے کونے میں ہے
ہر ساز میں ہے ہر دھن میں ہے
ہر گیت میں ہے، ہر فنکار میں ہے

After it she remarked that she also wrote few words also for her.

ہم تو نہ تھے اس قابل
آپ نے جو تھاما ہاتھ
بدل گیا موسم
آ گئی بہار، کبھی نہ جانے کے لئے

It was narrated by the actress that I wrote a collection of my poetry, which will shown very soon in front of the people, except it I have also written two scripts for the films too, in which very soon the movies will be done. The question was raised about the marriage of Imran Khan and Reham Khan, she voiced that couples are made on sky, the couple of Imran Khan and Reham Khan is really nice, my good wishes are always with them.