Planning Your Tech Hiring Goals In 2020 – Who To Hire? What To Look For?


Hiring new tech recruits is a tough job. A lot of recruiters and hiring managers find it challenging to spot and recruit new tech talent. Recruiting need not be tough for recruiters. You are required to plan the process according to the requirements of your company.

Before you can recruit a person for a new role in your company, you need to familiarize yourself with the necessary technical concepts associated with the job position for which you are hiring.

You need to have an understanding as to why the position is being asked for and what does the job profile demand from the candidates. You must know what skills and character a particular role demands.

Once you do that, you’ll see that you feel very comfortable. You should also know what technical skills and how much experience you are looking for as a recruiter.

Now that you have what you need in terms of technical skills, you must know what your typical candidate looks like and what you can expect from the potential candidate. There are many app developers for hire if you are looking for one.

The tips given below are conducive to breaking down your company’s tech hiring goals and is critical if you want to hire the perfect candidate for your organization.

Tips for hiring tech professionals

Identify the objective

The significance of this point can never be ignored. As a recruiter or an HR Manager, you must know why your company needs to hire for a particular job role.

This will help you in discovering what technical skills your company requires. If you are not familiar with the expected set of skills, ask other technical staff in your office to assist you.

Define the experience required

An entry-level fresher might not have the skills and experience needed to perform a particular job in your company, but they may bring fresh and new insights to your company.

According to the Stack Overflow survey, almost 41% of developers have less than five years of professional coding experience. You don’t want to turn away a talented person just for less experience. Talent almost always surpasses the experience. You should keep that in mind.

Outline the required education

Depending on your company’s requirements, you have to understand what educational backgrounds you expect from your recruits. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum educational requirement recruiters look for these days. There are benefits of hiring a person who fulfills such criteria.

A bachelor’s degree makes sure a candidate has the soft skills and the hard skills needed by an organization. This saves a lot of scrutinies and hard work for you as a recruiter.

Certification also plays a crucial role while hiring. For example, if you are hiring a product manager, look for someone who has done a product management certification course. Similarly, for tech people as well, look for one with the most number of certifications.

Look for soft skills

Soft skills are those skills that help an individual maintain good rapport with co-workers and is also vital in establishing a good work environment.

Soft skills are just as essential as technical skills. A person can not be a successful employee if they have poor communication skills, lacks empathy, or is not soft-spoken.

Soft skills are underrated. There is a lack of soft skill development courses in the industry. Since no certification or degree showcases the soft skills of a person, you have to create a questionnaire that focuses on bringing it to the front.

As a recruiter, you need to evaluate the mentality of a person as well when you are interviewing them.

Ask about their plans

Almost every person who has been in a job interview has been asked one question. Where do you see yourself in five years? It’s a very dull question but reveals a lot about a person.

The response to this question tells you if the person you are going to hire is compliant to stay in your organization or not. There is no point in hiring someone who has a history of jumping jobs.

By hiring someone like that, you are misusing all the resources and time that your company entrusted in you.

Understanding of Work Culture

Every workplace has its unique work culture. Ask questions that will help to unveil how they can fit in the work culture of your organization.

Think about how the people you are about to recruit will suit the workplace ethos of your organization. Employees are the ornaments of an organization. You shouldn’t select someone who will hamper your work environment.


Always do a thorough verification of all the information written in a candidate’s resume. It is rare, but there have been instances of fake information being given in a resume. Verify their references and get a good idea of their personality.

By doing this, you also get to talk to their previous employers or college faculty, and you can get insight into their work ethic.

In conclusion

There is no hard and fast method to hire people and be done with the process. People who don’t work in recruiting might conceive it as an easy task, but that is not the case.

Hiring new talent for your company comes with many challenges too. You can’t hire good people if not a single worthy candidate turns up. What if the number of people you require to hire hasn’t arrived for the interview?

For a solid and decent hiring process, sufficient people must know about your company and the job opportunity your company has to offer. You need to attract a young and talented crowd.

You need to use your company’s brand name to spread awareness. When enough skilled candidates turn up, pick a suitable candidate out of the lot. Implementing the suggestions given above will surely help you in your next session of hiring tech professionals.

Keep the pointers in mind and have a proper hiring checklist so that the process gets streamlined. Remember to be patient and smart and select candidates that will bring maximum credibility to your company.