Plastic is Fantastic: 4 Advantages of Having a Credit Card


Omaha is a city that has something for everybody. The city is packed with things to do for family and friends alike- whether it is singing along to a concert in one of Omaha’s exciting venues or having a gustatory adventure in one of its world-class restaurants. The city prides itself on having a thriving shopping and entertainment scene.

Many Omahans enjoy these activities with the use of their credit cards. People in Nebraska’s largest city save 70% of their income due to the low cost of living. It allows them to maintain an excellent credit score. You may wonder, “if I can pay in cash, why would I need a credit card”? Well, using credit cards in Omaha NE has many advantages if used properly.

If you plan to apply for a credit card, here are some advantages for you to consider.

1. Cash Back

The cashback concept is simple yet very rewarding. When you use your card in any transaction, you will get a refund. Usually, the rate of cashback is from 1% to 6%, depending on the type of purchase. It is like having a special gift waiting for you every time you use your card.

The money that goes back to you can be used to build your savings account or a travel fund.

2. Reward Points

Imagine going shopping and being rewarded for it? Such a perfect win-win situation, isn’t it? The rewards work through a point system where credit card users earn a specific point for every dollar spent. Some companies that deal in credit cards in Omaha NE have special promo periods wherein you get double or triple the points when you pay on specific categories.

For example, you get one point for every dollar spent on airplane tickets. Or, 4 points for every dollar spent in a restaurant.

You can use your points to redeem gift cards from participating stores. Some card companies, on the other hand, allow their users to choose gifts from a rewards catalog. The rewards are endless- from beauty products, high-end gadgets, kitchen tools, vacations, and even gifts for the kids.

3. Safety

Today’s generation is now embracing cashless transactions for health and safety reasons. Paper bills and coins usually harbor germs and viruses, so many health experts recommend a credit card. You can disinfect your cards after every use, as opposed to cash.

Also, carrying less cash is safe and more convenient. If you lose the card, you can immediately have it canceled. However, if you lose your money either accidentally or through theft, there is no way you can retrieve it.

4. Expense Monitoring

Have you ever wondered all your money went after a day out doing errands or simply hanging out with friends? Sometimes, it is so frustrating not to be able to monitor your expenses. By using a credit card, you can easily track every purchase and transaction. You can view your billing statement online or opt to check them once the hard copy arrives.

When you monitor your purchases, you can plan your financial path properly. You can cut down on expenses that you think are unnecessary or make other lifestyle adjustments.