Policemen commenced to fight for break duty for the Interest of Model Ayan Ali .


ISLAMABAD: For the beautiful model Ayan Ali policemen commenced to fight for the duty. Expect being guilty Ayan Ali was kept at custody in A Class. The fights and disputes have been common for the break duty of Ayan Ali by policemen, Deputy Superintendent started to fixed duties of policemen by draw, because of changes of case hearing judges and the customs officials mistakes full challan there is possibility of model releasing of guarantee.

It was stated by the resource that jail officials are striving a lot to serve all kind of relaxation and facilities to Model Ayan Ali, in contract with break duty police officials periodically ask to model that do you want anything? In like manner they are found chances to talk out of si Ayan Ali, expect been guilty she is being served class “A”, in jail. The customs authorities key evidence in the charge sheet models are radically, they did not feel to investigate out of sight dealers of property, they do not at all communicate with FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) for the present data in contract with model’s mobile phone and most expensive model of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, including the purchase of apartments in the investigation of three dozen trips is taken immense politely.