There is possibility of further declining in Petroleum Products.


In the petroleum products further possibility of declining 4 rupees.

ISLAMABAD: The summary has been prepared to decline petroleum products by Ogra, in which regard further chances are to lacking in petroleum products out of sight first April.

Petrol/Diesel which has been the basic need of everyone, rather its’ rates in being touched sky, it is really difficult task to use own vehicles in this present, it has been a crucial task for everybody, rather in these conditions public transports are also increased rents, which is the cause of difficulties especially for the poor ones, recently before 2 or 3 months there were also shortage of petrol was taken place especially in province of Punjab.

In contract with 28 march summary of declining in petroleum products will be submitted to Ministry of Interior, in which high speed petrol 4 rupees and 50 paisa, light petrol 2 rupees and 45 Paisa, rather high speed diesel 3 rupees and 10 paisa, light diesel 2 rupees and 7 Paisa, rather in kerosene oil 3 rupees lacking will be recommended, after the recommendations of OGRA there are chances of declining in petroleum products.