Precious and Priceless treasures are hidden in the Rocks of the Pakistan.


Swat: Emerald is included in the world’s four precious stones, in the Swat at the area of 6 kilometers this mine is spread, this emerald mine has been ignored by the government. Emerald is a green colour stone, which is commonly used in jewelries, the biggest mine of emerald of the Swat is in the city of Mangora at the distance of 3 kilometers situated on Fizza Ghat.

This mine was discovered in the year 1960, where more than 150 labors are working, this mine which is included in the world’s 4 precious mine is given to private company on lease. The private company is using common method to out emerald.

It is narrated by the labors that to work in Cannes expertise is required for that the cause common labors cannot work here, due to load shedding for the digging labours are used their hands, out of sight the common ways not at all only time is consumed while work is not done perfectly. Which is being damaged the contractors and government too.

It was stated by an engineer Kaseer Khalid that new machines in not only enhance speed of work but we can also exports emerald in foreign countries.