Prevention of fake notes State Bank made documentary.


KARACHI: Prevention of fake notes State Bank made the documentary. State Bank of Pakistan to recognize the difference between real and fake notes to raise awareness of modern communication means have been adopted.

The protective properties of notes central bank have prepared a short documentary which is going to be release in this month.

Except it a smart phone app was also prepared because to provide complete information to public for security feature easily.

According to the Declaration of State Bank of Pakistan. Commonwealth Bank of Pakistan recently by a team from the Senate Standing Committee on Finance.

The issue was discussed at the briefing counterfeit notes in circulation. During the briefing the Chairman of the Standing Committee that the State Bank of Pakistan team said that some banks received public complaints review counterfeit notes.

Unfortunately this issue was offered in circle of media and prolonged a lot. The impression emerged that the bank systematically involved in the counterfeit currency in circulation.

State Bank has strongly denied such reports and cleared that the views expressed at the meeting had been misrepresented in the media the presence of fake currencies is not only in our country but throughout the world is undeniable fact.

State Bank is well known in this regard and did immense arrangements to handle such situations. State Bank to counter the threat of triangular strategy, Forgery of currency to minimize the success of these measures depends on the cooperation of other aspects of the public will be that Counterfeit notes reported to law enforcement agencies.