Priyanka Chopra refuses to get marry for money


MUMBAI: According to the Gorgeous Indians Actress, Singer and Winner of Miss World Pageant of 2000, she will never get marry for money anyhow while she will fall in love when anyone will come with a lot of love and affection for her.

As per Indian Media Reports, the Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra is touching with anyone the heights of success now and constantly.

She said that in her life any person will come at the time when she will fall in love with him. She will not at all get marry for the cause of his wealth.

According to her, she likes children very much resultantly I will get marry. She likes to have many children. The Actress further added, if anyone comes in my life so he will not come because of diamond, I can buy diamonds for myself. However, she always took care of her relations. She always gives important to relations in every situation.