Pros and Cons of Using Google Docs


Are you skeptical of using a free online document tool? You’re too used to the application offered by Microsoft that you haven’t given attention to Google Docs. We’re here to tell you everything about it, from where to change your formats,how to find word count on Google docs because it is quite simple.

Although it hasn’t been in circulation as much as Microsoft Office has, Google Docs still a reliable document tool used among businesses and classrooms. Everyone who uses it has broad access to the information, thus increasing their efficiency.

Google Docs possesses everything that Microsoft Word has when it comes to the writing aspect; a variety of fonts and sizes, the ability to insert charts, images, shapes, and to draw. The pros and cons are easily identifiable once you’ve started using the program. We’ll outline it for you here so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth investing your time to shift.


With google docs, whoever you share it with via email or a shareable link, has access to your document. This means everyone can read, highlight, and edit your material wherever they are as long they have an internet connection. There’s less of a hassle when you can share your file because everything’s already online; all you have to do is click the top-right ‘share’ button.

Because everything is online, the drawback with this is that once servers and connections are down, you can’t create any file. You can get around this by downloading their desktop version, but you need to do so in advance if you want the work-around. Other than that, no internet means no Docs. Internet connection is a double-edged sword for Google Docs.

Easy to Pick-up

By this, we mean that it’s easy to learn, and it is quite straightforward. Because many people already have plenty of experience with Microsoft Office, their experiences can be carried forth unto Google Docs. They would already know where to navigate through the tabs and many options that are present in both word processors.

Auto-Save Function

Google Docs can save your file after every edit made, making it possible to develop the current document and revert to a previous version. Google Docs is integrated with Google Drive. Even when your browser crashes or laptop/desktop dies all of a sudden, you can open the document again from where you left off.

Weak Presentation

The other popular word processor Microsoft Office offers plenty of design ideas and templates. In contrast, Google Docs is limited to a select few basic designs and templates. The lack of originality of their designs on Google Docs will hinder the strength of what you’re presenting, because of its low quality. It’s probably a given considering Google Docs is free.

Low Security

Your form of sharing your document in Google Docs is through a shareable link and emails. Whoever receives the said link and email will always have access to the document and has the right to edit the file. Making the file have less security and giving anyone who has access to it, automatic admin rights.

If more than one person at any given time has the link to your document, many people can edit your document simultaneously. Although the outreach for your document is good, this type of easy access means you could lose track of who’s on the document and editing it.


It’s all up to your preference if you want to start using Google Docs instead of the applications provided by Microsoft. If you’re a student with a low budget, you can’t afford the subscription to Microsoft Office because it isn’t at all that cheap. Google Docs has you covered with that. You can create a document, a spreadsheet, and a presentation.

Google Docs also offers a few key features and tools, unlike what you would need to do to get a few extra for Microsoft. Google Docs has a tool called Voice typing, where you’d just need to speak into your microphone, and the document will start typing out the words you’re saying. It’s an excellent feature for those who need to get work done fast but can’t type quickly.