Providing Tax services without a registered tax agent


Tax agents in UAE have a lot of duties to carry out. They represent the people who represent people who pay the tax. They perform all the legal activities on behalf of the people while keeping in consideration all the rules and legal regulations.

Tax agents are preferred because they carry out the duties of legal taxation in an efficient and effective manner. They are a better option because they are knowledgeable about all the techniques of tax services.

Tax agent is solely a person whose duty is basically to represent the people who pay tax. Not just that the tax agents represent taxpayers but also, they perform all the legal activities that are prescribed by the laws and orders. The tax agents perform all their duties in a very efficient and effective way as they have learnt the modern taxation techniques really well.

Appointing the Tax agents in UAE is preferred for both the companies and well as other taxable people.

Why should you hire a registered tax agent in UAE?

Hiring registered tax agents is really important for the people for filing their taxes and VAT returns. They are the only people who are allowed to prepare as well as lodge the tax returns of the taxable people and companies. A non-registered tax agent can never carry out the services provided by a registered tax agent.


Benefits of hiring the registered tax agent

  • Taking the help of professionals and experts in any field proves to be very helpful for the people. Same is the case with hiring the certified tax expert. They are qualified personnel who know their job very well. they maintain the VAT registration in UAE, tax returns and more for the companies because they are trained to do so.
  • They file the VAT filings and VAT returns in UAE for the companies timely without wasting any time. Also, they are trained enough to comply with all the rules and regulations of the Federal Tax Authority.
  • They are very well at handling the VAT filings
  • They give the best piece of tax consultancy advice to business entrepreneurs of the future.
  • They may guide the future entrepreneurs about export sales, tax implemented on different products and services, transfer pricing, VAT implementation, VAT minimization and much more.

Unregistered agents in UAE

You may find a number of unregistered tax agents in the UAE. you will find them offering their services at very low fees but do not fall for the trap. Want to know why? Well, taking the services from unregistered tax agents is a huge risk for you and your company. Taking the services of unregistered agents might feel appealing at the start but you must be aware of the fact it is not worth it.

Hiring the unregistered tax agents may not be qualified enough. They must not have the qualification required to become a registered tax agent. They may not have the insurance cover for professional indemnity. So, it would be appreciated if you take the services of registered tax agents for the company formation in UAE rather than that of the unregistered ones. Farahat &Co providing registered tax agent in all over UAE.