PSL: Big players demanding greater compensation


LAHORE: Big players demanding greater compensation. In the PSL (Pakistan Super League) for participating big players has begun to demand greater compensation. Platinum became less an estimated 40 million.

To end the deadlock new category will be introduced. According to descriptions PSL (Pakistan Super League) auditions firstly will be done in UAE (United Arab Emirates) in February next year.

For it more than 100 foreign players were communicated. It is said by resource that PSL (Pakistan Super League)’s management and leading international players continued deadlock on charges T20 leagues around the world to enormous compensation paid to players who attended the event to height more money is demanded.

In which resulted Chris Gayle like biggest players participation has also been a question mark. According to resource International players in the Platinum category, jumped an estimated 40 million compensation not ready to play on, PSL (Pakistan Super League) Organization hereinafter having a look on the existing circumstance has decided to make a new category in which including players will given 2 billion rupees.

The players who attended the event, the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Emerging divided into categories in the American Football League franchise through a long- standing draft system was decided to form teams.

Management is hoped that in condition of introducing new category biggest stars will also be ready to be part of PSL (Pakistan Super League).