Rachel demanded apology from Umar Akmal


LAHORE: Rachel demanded apology from Umar Akmal. It was said by Model and Actress Rachel Khan that I had not known Umar Akmal earlier. In case any man will discuss my honour or insult me, so then that man will not just deserve slap while he deserves my shoes.

In case my real brother does anything such like so he will also deserve similarly. Far the thing of 50 million legal notice received to me out of sight Umar Akmal so it still did not receive.

In case anything such like happen in the answer of that notice I will also send a billion legal notice to him in the legally way while I will also show evidences against him in the court.

However Umar Akmal apologizes to me in front of media and acknowledges his mistake so the fighting goes to end here. It was expressed by Rachel when she was talking to “Express”, it was said by her that I belong to a respectful family and till my childhood I was taught manners and respect of younger and elders.

During my artistic career I always respected by seniors and kept kind attitude with my juniors. The people who are connected with this field are well known to me but which was attitude of Umar Akmal in contract with that I was been furious so at the resulted this event was taken place.

It was further added by her that Umar Akmal should keep his attention on his game except fighting to me or sending me legal notices earlier he was not included in the team for his worst performance.

To stay in news media he deliberately commenced alongside everything but its harm will have not to me rather he will have harm of it because I am speaking truth and he is taking support of lie.

It is cleared that Rachel is with modeling also playing an important role in an international film and in that film some Bollywood artists are also working.