Rakhi Sawant demanded to Sunny Leone for leaving India.


MUMBAI: The Actress who is popular in Bollywood for her bold acting Rakhi Sawant kept professionally jealousy and demanded to Sunny Leone for leaving India. The Item Girl of Bollywood Rakhi Sawant have not at all liked the entry of Sunny Leone forever so she had not leave any chance to criticize her.

Consequently to Indian Media Bollywood Actress Rakhi Sawant demanded to another Bollywood Actress Sunny Leone to leave India and charges alleged in connecting with her.

It was voiced by Rakhi Sawant that she won hearts of her fans out of sight dance, reality shows, so more and her skills while her new music video “Party Punjabi” will be enormous like by people and her fans she blamed Sunny Leone for her bold scenes in her new music album and said that she does not want to film bold scenes but because of Sunny Leone she filmed bold scenes. Therefore it is better to eliminate this phenomenon Sunny Leone leave India and Bollywood industry.

It is remembered that Sunny Leone betimes facing a lot of problems and hurdles because recently a case was registered versus her by a man that she is being run a porn website in which her nude photos and videos are available then Court of India took an action against her till now her problems are being increased day by day.

Especially Rakhi Sawant is one of her biggest problem because she has not at all like Sunny Leone’s entry in Bollywood industry. The Canadian actress Sunny Leone is striving immense to prove herself innocent but Rakhi Sawant is striving to prove her guilty and the worst actress of Bollywood.

It is remembered further that in an interview which was being taken by Rakhi Sawant a question was raised and somebody compared her with Sunny Leone then Rakhi Sawant was been really furious upon him and said that won hearts of my fans out of sight dance, reality shows, so more and my skills and I am not at all a porn star.