Ranbir Kapoor declared himself the cause of his film’s failures.


MUMBAI: It was said by the Bollywood Chocolate Hero Ranbir Kapoor that Actor is also responsible for the failure of films that’s why i am responsible of my films which have been flopped.

Bollywood Super Star Ranbir Kapoor’s star is in circulations nowadays his 3 films: “Besharam”, “Roy” and “Bombay Velvet” have been failure to do great business in Bollywood due to which his film’s carrier is in a lot of difficulty however Ranbir is also understand himself responsible for it.

It was said by Ranbir Kapoor when a question was raised in connecting with the failures of films that the credit of film’s success is gone to actor first and also a lot love is given by fans while i myself chosen roles of my failure films that’s why i am also part of failure.