Ranbir Kapoor has announced date of his wedding with Katrina.


Normally relationship of Bar Bie Doll Katrina and Ranbir Kapoor is being run out of sight many years, which was typically denied by both artist, however the skilful and talented actor of Kapoor family has been accepted it and also announced date of his wedding to Katrina Kaif. It was voiced by Ranbir Kapoor in a given interview that he will only get marry out of sight Katrina Kaif. It was further told by him that Katrina Kaif and his wedding will be held in next year in 2016.it was stated by the Ranbir Kapoor that we both were immense busy in this year that’s why we have no time for wedding so we have planned and decided to get marry in next year.

It was further told by Ranbir Kapoor that I have been 33 years-old and time has arrived that I will make my family Katrina is also wanted in like manner. I was nourished likewise a family where films are everything so that’s why I understands the importance of rumors foe this I do not express any response in regarding of mine and Katrina’s news. As a result of Indian media Ranbir Kapoor in betimes busy in his new upcoming movie “Bombay Velvet” while Katrina Kaif is being moved towards festival however there are chances of both engagements at the last of May.