Ranbir Kapoor passed his car over a journalist to avoid out of sight journalists.


When in a function, a journalist move towards to Bollywood Star “Ranbir Kapoor”, he moved his car.

MUMBAI: During the attendance of an award ceremony Bollywood Star “Ranbir Kapoor” crossed his car over the foot of the journalist.

Consequently to Indian Media, An Award ceremony was held in Mumbai, which was also attended by Ranbir Kapoor, on that occasion in like manner of journalists, a Photo Journalist namely Rawat was also present there, he as soon as looked to come Ranbir kapoor, he moved towards to him, so Ranbir Kapoor the famous actor of Bollywood moved his car as it’s result the foot of the journalists was come under the wheel of car.

Another side it was voiced by the Bollywood Star Ranbir Kapoor that is not at all known about this accident at that time he was not driving, the car was driven by his driver.

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