Whether you call it recliner, an arm chair or even a chaise lounge one thing about recliners is that; whether they are big or small they are a lot more comfortable and relaxing then a normal chair that we use.

Either you want to be buying big and tall recliners for your relaxation or you want to invest in your living room furniture, both the ways these recliners are quiet ideal.

It doesn’t really matter if you want to buy a large recliner as you’re a tall person or a small one, recliners are comfortable in all sizes and shape, because they sole purpose to bring comfort while sitting on them.

What are the basic benefits of a recliner?

  1. A lot of people are suffering from back pains; more like out of every 10 people 8 are suffering from back pain.

Although back pain can be caused from a lot of issues, but the most common one amongst all is bad sitting posture, people who sit on uncomfortable chairs for long hours tend to have back problems.

This is where recliners help, because of their comfortable leather and material people who are suffering from back issues led to find relief in it.

  1. Mental stress is also one of the leading issues of anxiety and depression so one has to work on that too. People who suffer from stress can further lead to joint pain and even back pain.

Recliner work really well for your mental stress as they give you relief just by sitting and relaxing on them and are in short really good for your mental health as it reduces stress.

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Listed below are the top recliners big and small for you and are the recliners that have received rave reviews from customers and are one of the top rated recliners;

  • Lance furniture comfort king rocker recliner

Made from high carbon steel angle rail it is the best when it comes to relaxation.

This recliner supports up to 500 feet of height

Lance furniture has given a life time graduate of this recliner.

  • Serta big and tall memory foam massage recliner

Although the company is known for its foam mattress but their recliner is also no exception

It is ideal for people who suffer from back pain and intense joint pains

It can support up to 350 pounds of weight which makes it ideal for people who are big in size

  • Flash furniture big and tall recliner

Known as a big man recliner, it is quiet ideal for people who are large in size

Because of its design it would look really ideal in ones living room

It has a extra feature of foot rest attached to it

  • Catnapper Malone

Malone is especially designed for oversized people

It has a unique gel foam mattress inside of it which makes it extra comfortable

Can support up to 400 pounds of weight with the seat depth of 23 inches


Recliners are one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture one can buy for themselves and is ideal for people who need relaxation in their life after a long day of work and hectic routines.

If is an powerful remedy for stress and any joint pain one suffers because it is designed in order to make normal chair the not so suitable option and also the reason it is different from a normal chair.

From the elderly to the very young, everyone has a stake in reclining. So when buying the recliner look at all the features that the recliner is offering you, from the weight it can hold to the warranty it has.