Reasons Your Drain Clogs And How To Fix It


Drains are the most important part of your plumbing system. They convey water and waste from your house to the sock away and septic tank, and they make disposal very convenient for everyone.


However, there are times when these drains become clogged and stop working. Here are some of the biggest causes, as well as tips on how to take care of them:


Hair particles coming together


This is perhaps the most common reason why we get clogged drains. Hair builds up inside a drain, and liquid waste is unable to pass through. Most of the time, removing the hair is a pretty simple task – the problem, however, is when we don’t clear the solution right away, and we’re left with all the hair clogging things up.


It’s also easy to ignore the buildup of hair because most of us don’t even see it. You could be bathing and have some hair rip off your body and go into the drain, instead of going down completely. However, it stays just under the drain surface. You will think it’s gone, but it’s still there. When this happens for long, then you have a problem.


If you want to fix this issue, then you can simply remove small amounts of hair when you see it in a drain. Wear gloves and pull the hair out, then dispose of it properly.


You can also get a drain cleaning solution to help you clear things better if you want. As long as you can ensure that this solution is effective and not dangerous, feel free. Just make sure you get the hair out before it becomes more of an issue.


The buildup of dirt and plants


Another popular reason why we get clogged drains is the presence of natural debris like shrubs and dirt particles. This is usually a problem we see after autumn and spring, when the trees have shed their leaves. Apart from the leaves from trees, you can also find roots growing underneath a drain in search of the water they need.


If you want to prevent this, then you will need to ensure that your outdoor area is clear of any debris and leaves that have fallen from the trees. If you don’t act soon enough, you risk leaving your drain severely vulnerable.


Your trees should also be effectively watered to ensure that they don’t get drawn to your drain in search of water.


Grease accumulation


Like it is with hair accumulation in the bathroom, the buildup of grease is a significant problem that kitchen drains face. Grease is a very common cause of blockchain pipes and drains in the kitchen, and it can be a bit of a chore to clear out.


Most of these particles will stick to the pipe walls when they’re washed down, and when they accumulate, they prevent liquid from passing through.


To take care of this, it would be best if you avoided washing down any greasy particles from your drain in the first place. It will simply cool down and cause the pipes to harden. Instead, try to get a separate container where you will pour your greasy particles. Then, when the container is filled, dispose of it appropriately – with the grease in it.


Too many toiletries


More people are beginning to dispose of their toiletries by just flushing them. It’s convenient, but it also causes some significant issues nonetheless. The most common toiletries in this racket include baby wipes and diapers, and when they become immersed in water, they enlarge from all the moisture they absorb and quickly lock the passage of water into the pipe.


The solution to this is simple; don’t dispose toiletries in the drain. Make sure you take them out with the garbage instead, as this will help ensure that you don’t have any blockage issues. You could also call a plumber or get a drain cleaning solution if you’ve run afoul of this rule before.