Record Album Frames


Album frames

Album frames are used to keep the most loved things in beautiful artwork frames to be displayed so it gives aesthetic looks and pleasure to its viewers. A large variety of album frames is available in the market that includes vinyl record album frames for the wall, wood record picture frame, and aluminum square picture frame. Every record album has its features, prices and qualities.

Frame materials

The album frame market is abundant with a large variety of frames shapes, design, material and style. Usually, frames are made of wood or metal. The price of every album frame depends on its design. The more simple a frame, the less price it will cost. The size of a frame also impacts its price.  Frame shops can give you thousands of frames with different sizes, styles, colors, and textures. The framed glass also has different varieties including clear to ultra-violet protective glasses. To protect from the sun damage, many frames come in different verities of museum-grade, acid-free archival mat material to protect from moisture, dust and sun damage.

Record Album Services

Custom framing shops can customize the looks of your album frame by creating custom mats, mirrors, and military collectibles, needlework projects to create different finished looks. You can turn your record album into a masterpiece artwork to give an artistic look of your study or guest rooms.

Record album Pricing

The price of a record album depends on various factors like its material, size, and design. Only the frame itself may cost from $16 to $200 per foot. A 7×5-inch frame of clear-glass, double-mat for photograph may cost around $120 while an 8×10 frame of conservation glass to display college diploma may cost around $200.

Record album frames can be purchased by visiting the market or simply by visiting the vinyl record album frames by Frame My Collection to order your album frame online. From this website, you can choose the best record album from the catalog. From the drop-down menu, you may choose the picture size, its design, number of pictures it should hold, and the frame type. These variables will help you see the actual price of your selected frame which you may order online.

Record Album installation

You have to give equal care to the installation process once you have selected a record album frame. A proper display of anything may add value to it so you should hire the professional services of art installer who may fit the record album frame at specific places of home without damaging walls.

Record album frames

Lovers of music are so crazy to store every record album they love the most. Usually, a record album is issued on 12-inch phonograph records. Usually, record albums are issued as a collection of audio recordings on compact disc or any other storage medium. However, mostly the record albums are 12-inch phonographs that the lovers of music keep in record album frames. 12” Vinyl record frames for the wall are the best option to satisfy your aesthetic sense and give an artistic look to your rooms.