Regular use of fish protects you from joint disease


If you use fish often in your diet, it sounds good. Having fish in the diet reduces the risk of joints disease by far. This claim has been revealed in a medical research conducted at College of Medicine, University of Florida in United States America.

According to the research, fish and its oil fatty acids contains chemicals and enzymes, proven effective for preventing such elements which are the cause of joints disease.

As per research reports, there are some elements in our body that target some tissues which are around joints. As a result, joints are swollen and there is a strong feeling of pain and stiffness around Joints.

In this research, such antibodies were discovered which are the cause of joint disease. At a level, by the use of Omega III Fatty Acids, significant decline was seen.

Research team recommended a fish rich of fatty acids and one to three grams of fish oil to persons who are at the risk of joint disease.

They further said that these fatty acids have also been found helpful to prevent swelling and other related diseases caused by swelling.

Omega III fatty acids are also found abundantly in soybean, walnuts, cabbage and etc.
This medical research was published in a Medical Journal “RHEUMATOLOGY”.