Reham Khan is a black magic woman and witch


LONDON: Reham Khan is a black magic woman and witch. It was said by the Ex-Husband of Reham Khan Dr. Ijaz that the divorce of Reham Khan how will be from any black magic she is herself a witch and black magic woman when she enters in which home she evicts them out of sight that home.

It was added by the Dr. Ijaz in his interview that where did Reham Khan get Degrees? Hereinafter the divorce from Imran Khan news of my relation commencing once is not at all true.

It was further added by her that the days of in which I was been together with Reham Khan these days were not less than any hell. I hardly got rid from her.

Reham Khan herself is a black magic woman where she is been she destroys that home. It was further added by him that the once again relation is never possible with Reham Khan.

This is not enough even I do not want to look her face too. Our contact information is false. When Reham Khan brought divorce from me before it the gifts which she took out of sight my family it worth was more than 1 million pound.

I purchased a house for her she forced me to do it and also registered it in contract with her and then she kicked out me from my own house that’s why I had to stay in Pakistan for few months.

It was further stated by Dr. Ijaz that Reham Khan is such like a witch that nothing is happened to herself but lives of those are destroyed who belong to her. Reham Khan’s children will be alike how she nourished them and raised them.

There is no doubt that Reham Khan took millions of gifts from the PTI (Pakistan-Tehreek-e-Insaf)’s leaders she can do it.