Relationship between tall people and cancer predicted.


PARIS: The relationship between tall people and cancer has been predicted. It was predicted hereinafter study on more than 50 million people that the risk of cancer is more in the tall people especially in women.

According to report in case the height is 10 centimeter (4 inches) high after 1 meter so men have 10 % risk of cancer and women have 18 % risk of cancer. In Sweden 1.72 meter (6 feet) high women, 1.52 meter high women 33 % cancer was noted.

It is cleared that in regarding of tall height and cancer research has been done early but it is the biggest study done on men and women but it is not cleared yet that different environment the climate and the food is not so in other countries because there are many factors for the cancer.

The report presented at a meeting of the European Society of Cancer. In which 1932 to 1991 people 55 million people were born the relation between their tall height and cancer were considered and a person height was noted 2.25 meter.

It was predicted that the 20 % risk of breast cancer was noted in those women whose height is enhanced 10 centimeter hereinafter every meter.

Skin can was noted in both men and women 30%. It was known by a research which was held in America, 2013 that in case a women is high 10 centimeter after a meter so in them risk of several cancers are enhanced 13 % and when further 10 centimeter height is enhanced so this risk is enhanced too.

However it was accepted by some Experts that cancer is also a disease of inheritance and obesity is also a cause of it which was not intruded in study.

According to Experts some hormones which are erected by tall height are related to cancer on which further research is needed.