Republic of Naura has been banned in contract with Face Book.


YAR YAAN: The world’s smallest Democratic Republic of Naura has been banned hence Face Book. It was stated by the Chief Justice of Naura that we cannot secure internet likewise larger nations. As a result of foreign news agency the world’s smallest Republic Nauru the country is based on an island in the central Pacific. It has total area of 21 square kilometers and it has almost population of 10 thousand in the country ban has been in contract with Face Book. Consequently to the officials the banned which put hence Face Book is a part of the Government’s extensive censorship policy. Whose purpose is to prevent pornographic content.

Another side it was stated by Justice Minister that pornographically scenes are not at all in our faith or in our value Naura is counted in the smallest countries we are not able to secure internet likewise larger nations . it is cleared that The secret of the island ‘s rich phosphorus mines the island , occupied by Japan and Australia , but in 1968 it became an independent country. It is further cleared that Face Book is the most popular and useful website all over the world but so many people are versus in connecting with it.