RESEARCH: Make is kept women not at all comprehended in Sterilization, it also included them in Heart Diseases.


Head Researcher voiced, “Women must be think about the increasing harm of using make up”.
WASHINGTON DC: In the east or west women are considered dressing and prison their rights, in the present time ever women want to look really beautiful so, they use latest orders to be a like, but truly these all things are a lot reached harm then benefits.
The experts of American Washington University experts did an experiment on 31 thousands and 575 women in different chemical materials built lap stock and face cream including make- up others orders and investigated these effects till 4-years. During the investigation it was cleared that the 15 important chemicals which are used tom prepare them are immense harmful.

It was stated by the head of research team that those women who are continuously used make-up, be haunt of heart diseases, bones weakness and sterilization, except these the spreading cancer is also the result of using such kind of orders.

He was further voiced that after seeing the result of the research women must be think about the harm of them seriously.