ROMAN REIGNS biography




WWF World Heavyweight Champion no opposition from Roman Reigns popularity, who has not only made its place in the short term but also in the minds of fans. Aggravating fact they move forward like an invincible wrestler, but some interesting facts about these people who often do not know.


He is belong to famous wrestling family the Roman Reings that welcomed the fact Leati Joseph Anoaʻi and his family from Anoaʻi dedicated long wrestling. The same including some big names in


  • The Rock


  • Yoko Zuna


  • Umaga


  • Rikeshi


  • The Usos



and others.

His brother Mat Russian Anoa ‘i linked to the wrestling.  He spent the 2008 season CFL Rugby League Play. Roman Reigns wrestling that welcomed the first commitment in 2010 joined Florida Championship Wrestling from Roman proficiency, where he failed the heavyweight champion, However, after their tag team title.

After the FC he came in the WWE NXT and changed his name the Roman Reigns.


The super star the Roman Reigns start of the first as they have not fulfilled the Undertaker, Stone Cold, The Rock and Shawn Michael. Shield with participation in the first match 4.5 star rating received by a company and it became one of the three major WWF Superstars on successfully. Early part of the WWE projects to CM Punk and Daniel Bryan of the Roman Reigns that welcomed on Thursday the startup project.


The margin of defeat to win their Roman attended the matches are very low overall; they won more than 80 percent in wrestling matches.

He want to ready to go to Hollywood like his cousin ROCK, he is aspiring for his career in Hollywood. He said that if given the opportunity I will try and get a little experience everything during an interview. Royal Rumble spat out most wrestlers Roman Reigns participated in the 2014 Royal Rumble for the first time and was thrown out of the twelve wrestlers ring.

And thus broke the old record was successful in 2015 at the Royal Rumble.

Roman Reigns that welcomed Roman was married in 2014 to her college mates Galina Becker and the daughter of both.