Russian President declared the World’s most powerful personality


NEW YORK: Russian President declared the World’s most powerful personality. According to the Forbes Magazine, the President of Russia namely Vladimir Putin has been declared the World’s most powerful personality while the Lady Chancellor of Germany namely Angela Merkel is on second and the American President Barack Obama is on third number.

The American well known “Forbes Magazine” has been released a list of 2015’s most powerful personalities in which different 73 people were selected from all over the world who are concerns with different professions.

According to Magazine, These people own power, wealth or any other reason a large number of people are affected and for all people they always have importance.

According to Forbes, The Russian President Vladimir Putin is the betimes the most powerful personality of the world and despite the extremely difficult conditions, he has proven to international sanctions that he does something what he wants.

Syria and Ukraine and the Russian President, Europe and the Arab world, despite the opposition of its policies are strictly adhered. In contract with the second number the honour of the world’s most powerful personality was given to the Lady Chancellor of Germany Angela Merke. Who is the world’s most powerful and effective Lady. Last year she got fifth position and now she has been successfully gotten second position.

Due to which she in the global politics especially contributed for the refugee of Syria when they were included in a lot of crisis. The economic crisis of Greece and the European Union have affected his policies in the Union.

The American president Barack Obama was declared the third most powerful personality of the world rather he was recently on second number.

There is no doubt that the US (United States) still has the world’s greatest military and economic power. However, the current US (United States) Current President, particularly in Europe, Merkel and Putin in the Middle East is facing tough competition.

For this cause, the impact of world politics, President Obama has clearly declined. Except these three world’s great leader the fourth one is the Christians Pope Francis, Chinese President Xi Jinping is on fifth, The founder of Microsoft Bill Gates is on sixth, The US (United States) Federal Reserve Bank President Janet Yellen is on seventh, The British Prime Minister David Cameron is on eighth,

The Indian Prime Minister Narendar Modi is on ninth and the tenth one is the founder of Google Larry. The remarkable thing is that no leader from the Muslim world is existed in the first 10 individuals Salman bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia is on fourteenth, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei is on eighteenth in the list.

In the list of 73 world’s most powerful personality not at all a single leader out of Pakistan is included.