Saba Qamar is ready to become a rock star


KARACHI: Pakistani Film Director Wajahat Rauf, after his successful movie “Karachi se Lahore” is going to make such like a movie. In which Actress Saba Qamar will be seen playing the role of a rock star in the movie.

The caste of the film “Karachi se Lahore” Yasir Hussain, Rubaina Ashraf, Behroze Sabzwari will work in the coming movie. By which the idea comes in our mind that it may be the sequel of film “Karachi se Lahore”.

The Actress Saba Qamar does not agree with it. She said while talking to “Dawn Images”, I do not understand that why people are calling a sequel to this movie. It is completely different from the movie “Karachi se Lahore” and the shooting of this film will not begin in Karachi rather but in Northern Areas.

This film will be better than “Karachi se Lahore” and past mistakes will not be repeated in it anyhow, said Saba Qamar.

It is based on a traditional story, I am playing a rock star role further said by Saba in connecting with a film. I belong to a broken family and to leave a relaxing life, I leave my home.

Saba Qamar further added to fascinate the story, I have a boyfriend in the film who cannot understand me. Now let’s see that who will be played the role of her boyfriend. According to Saba Qamar, Hopefully, the fans will like the film.