Salman Khan for Aamir Khan changed the location of shooting.


MUMBAI: Salman Khan changed location of shooting of his upcoming film “Sultan” for his friend Mr. Perfect Aamir Khan.

Chirrup of both are risen nowadays in Bollywood Industry in which all three Khans are seen with intimate term while for the friendship Dabaang Khan has also given a little sacrifice for his friend Mr. Perfect.

According to Media Reports Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are being played a role of wrestlers in their upcoming films “Sultan” and “Dangal” which shooting was been in Punjab and Hariana but Aamir Khan was worried about same locations of both films that both films will see the same location but his friend Dabanng Khan off his worry.

Salman Khan showed his friend while large hydro and changed his shooting location because Aamir Khan can set festival of his “Dangal” Salman Khan will now do shooting of “Sultan” near to Gujrat.