Salman Khan has decided to get marry next year


Salman Khan has decided to get marry next year. Bollywood Dabaang Superstar Salman Khan, after releasing from Hit and Run case, has been made up mind to get marry early in the next year. Bollywood Star Salman Khan is just not famous for his living acting in the film city rather he is also famous concerning his affairs, while his affair news with Bollywood leading actresses, always be on the tongue of everybody, in which actress Sangeeta Bijlani, Aishwarya Rai , Katrina Kaif and Romanian Beauty Iulia Vantur are on the top of list, however Salman Khan has decided to get marry.

According to Indian Media Reports, Salman Khan’s crony says that Actress Salman has decided to get marry after releasing from hi and run case, after which he will be tight in the relation of wedding early in the next year, while rumors of his wedding with Romanian Actress and Model is in circulation, however let’s watch that in whose luck, Salman Khan’s wedding ring comes. Be clear that Salman Khan expressed that in 2012, Legendary TV Show, said that he will get marry after the Hit and Run case. He further added that if he release from case so, instantly, he will get marry and if he sentence to prison, so after sentence, he will get marry.