Salman Khan has done a lot for me.


In difficult times and moments helped me and also did immense for my career. According to Indian Express it was said by Actress recently in a narration that Salman Khan is best Actor as well as a good man. It was voiced by Jacqueline Fernandez regarding her successful film “Kick” 2014 sequel that she does not know anything about this film It does not matter to her that she shall not become part of it.

It was further said by Jacqueline Fernandez that working in film “Kick” was one of her best experience in case she shall not work in its sequel then surely she will do any other film. Jacqueline Fernandez is going to play a role of Akhshay Kumar’s wife in her new film “Brothers” whom is also a mother of daughter.

In connecting with this role it was said by Jacqueline Fernandez that it is a big thing for her that she will play a role of a mother and as well as will be work with actor likewise a Akhshay kumar. It is remembered that5 Jacqueline Fernandez is one and the first actress out of sight Srilanka and who is taken millions for a dance performance.