Samsung gifts to Google


In the recent days, we have noticed that a large number of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries have been exploded due to the fact Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is facing endless difficulties.


There was a serious problem in the batteries of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, for this purpose, a South Korean Company called back Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from all over the world. This phone was becoming the cause of children injuries, accidents, and so on.

At the meantime, it was proved as one of the biggest gift for the Apple. That’s why iPhone 7 was introduced in these days.  But Samsung faces a worse situation now. According to Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to be more and extra safe and will introduce once again. This is not enough; during a flight, smoke came out from this phone suddenly. In this worst situation, the people were evacuated from the plane as soon as possible.

If the transferee device proved once again to be affected by the battery, as a result, it will be a big blow to Samsung without fail. Different airlines companies of the world have already stopped passengers to travel with Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

If this problem still remains after the declaration, so Airlines from all over the world will ban on all the mobile phones of this company.

Certainly, Google is going to take the advantage of this Samsung’s problem. That has introduced its Phone “Pixel” in recent days.  In fact, this problem of Samsung can be proved as one of the biggest gift for Google’s new phone. Unquestionable, Google can take benefits from the current situation of Samsung with the possession on the iPhone market. In such a way, Samsung gifts to Google.

In these circumstances, Google is able to get the Samsung users with ease. Because the conversion from iOS to Android might be difficult, but users will surely accept the conversion from Android to Android.

Samsung Galaxy was declared competitor of iPhone, but Google hopes, due to the current situation of Samsung, this thinking is going to change now leaps and bounds.